Friday, October 28th, 2016
4pm to 8pm

Accra, Ghana

Join us for the TEDxAccraWomen 2016 conference at the British High Commisioner's Residence in Cantonments, where we'll explore how time and attention shape our lives. It's about time...

TEDxAccraWomen 2016: It's About Time.

On October 28, 10 of Pan African most powerful women will speak at TEDxAccraWomen on the theme 'It's About Time'

Time is personal. We all have the same amount of time - 24 hours a day and yet most of us feel we never have enough. Even with today's latest inventions, technology, science, we can't make time or stop time - or can we?

Come explore time zones, time travel, time outs and times together. We will explore the conventions and challenges of time.

We will ask the hard questions. Because isn't it about time:

  • 1. To find long-term solutions to poverty, energy crisis, violence, gender and economic inequities.
  • 2. To lead for different outcomes?
  • 3. To challenge our "time-saving" technologies?
  • 4. To pay full attention and be fully present for ourselves as well as others?

In our day together in Accra, we will hear talks that offer up ideas, stories, solutions.

Your conference experience

The TEDxAccra Women 2016 experience includes:

  • We will treat you to a wild entertainment along with world-class TEDx talks, exceptional drinks, innovation, art, and more. This TEDxAccraWomen event will be an experience like no other here in Accra!

  • So What Can You Expect At TEDxAccraWomen 2016:
  • PEOPLE YOU WILL NEVER FORGET: This event will host a diversity of people coming together under one passion: the passion for ideas that unite and inspire us. With 10 remarkable speakers and 300 unique attendees from Accra and beyond, it will be a full of entrepreneurs, inventors, activists, artists and scientists to meet and begin working with on your greatest projects.
  • JOIN A COMMUNITY OF LEGACY: TEDxAccra is only in its third year and is growing fast. The TEDxAccra Women community is attracting high-level speakers and passionate individuals from all backgrounds curating experiences for intellectual and creative growth. Become a part of something bigger with the power of ideas worth sharing.
  • DINNER AT BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER'S RESIDENCE: The event will end with a dinner party at the gardens of the British High Commissioner's Residence. Secure your seat Now!

Our venue in Accra

British High Commissioner's Residence, Cantonments
The British High Commissioner's Residence is the most respected places you can host your evening events. All the events at the residence are strictly by invitation. We're thrilled to present TEDxAccraWomen 2016 in this captivating space. Cantonments

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